Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Create Backlinks

Use Higher Page Rank Websites.

Videos sites:
Create videos related to your blog, add them any higher page rank videos site and linked them with your blog posts.

Article Submission sites:
Just sign up to article submission websites and start submitting articles. Write more and more unique contents, it will also bring good amount of readers to your blog.

Commonly used article submission sites

Social Bookmarking or Networking Sites:
Social bookmarking or networking sites are another way to get traffic. They also provide traffic to your blog. One should be careful while building links on social bookmarking sites.

Commonly used social bookmarking sites:

Commonly used social networking sites:

Guest Posting:
Guest posting help you getting high quality links and they will help in higher rank and increasing your domain authority.

Comment on nofollow or dofollow blogs only related to your blog.

Start Forum Threads related to your blog and link to your blog posts. Do not use your link in forum signature. Some people also say add your signature to high quality forum. If forum have website review add your website review.

Discussion Boards or Questions Answers:
Use discussion board or ask question website to get traffic or links. Add question related to your blog and liked with blog.

Internal Linking:
Interlink your blog posts to another post on same blog when writing on your blog content using anchor text.

I suggest you do not do and it is also a part of old SEO. It give you backlinks but using your name anchor text. that's why I am stopping you. If you do select accurate category related to your website and use higher page rank directories.

(Before Sharing check whether your server is capable of handling tons of traffic at a time.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black Hat SEO Tips Review

 Search engine manually check all website if they found any of the following tip, they remove their site in their search engine.

    Use of that keyword which is not related to your content.

Meta Description:
    Use of that Description which is not related to your post content.

Meta Keyword:
    Use of that keyword which is not related to your meta description.

Invisible or Hidden Text:
    The text that is set at the same color as the background or very close to it is called invisible or hidden text.

Link Farm:
    Do submit your website to any link farms or linking schemes or any other automated service which promises that your site will be listed on hundreds or thousands of websites.

Twitter Automation:
    Don't use plugin to automatically post to your twitter account.

Duplicate Content on Multiple Domains:

    Websites which provide duplicate content directly from other websites.

Hacking Sites:
    An example is when you have received of an 'authenticated email' asking you to update your WordPress installations.

Brand Jacking:
    Writing a bad review for a brand and let consumers voice out their option about it.

    This using misspelled keywords which are then redirect to a correct version.

Hidden Affiliate Links:
    It is good in some way but definitely is not fair with other honest advertisers.

Reciprocal Link:
    Directory reciprocal links are count in black hat SEO.

Doorway Page:
    Doorway page is basically a page that the user never see, it is purely for search engine spiders, and attempts to trick them into indexing the site higher.

Backlink Purchasing/ Rent:
    Buying Backlinks or otherwise monetary compensation for backlinks.

IP delivery:
    Offer the proper localized content to those coming from a country specific IP address.
    Using Proxy server or generating dozens or hundreds of IP address.

Incomplete Article:
    You write, "15 great headings about Black Hat SEO", and you explain only few headings.

301 Redirects:
    Redirect outdated pages to the newer versions or your homepage. When moving to a new domain use them of course as well.

    Create mirrors for popular sites. Offer them to the respective webmasters. Most will be glad to pay less.

Throw Away Domains:

    It is the method of creating short term micro sites using popular keywords and abandon then when the search popularity or tend subsides.

    Hide the heavy Flash animations from Google, show the text-only version optimized for accessibility and findability.

Automatically Generated Keyword Pages:
    Some shopping search engines create pages from each Google search query and assign the appropriate products to each query. You can do that as well if you have enough content.

Ad Only Pages:
    Create all page ads (interstitials) and show them before users see content like many old media do.

Blog Spam:
    It’s by installing a wordpress blog or website without akismet – a plug in that prohibits do-follow for blog comments. Then create a few posts about Mesothelioma for example, a very profitable keyword. Then let spammers comment spam it or even add posts (via TDO Mini Forms).

Fake news or Lie:
    Create real news on official looking sites for real events. You can even do it in print. Works great for all kinds of activism related topics.

New exploits:
    Find them and report them, blog about them. You break story and thus you get all the attention and links. Dave Naylor is excellent at it.

Rogue bots:
    Spider websites and make their webmasters aware of broken links and other issues. Some people may be thankful enough to link to you.

Multiple Sub domains:
    Multiple sub domains for one domain can serve an ethical purpose. Just think or – they create multiple sub domains by UGC. This way they can rank several times for a query. You can offer sub domains to your users as well.

Different Content for Search Engine than Users:
    If you use word press, it is a must to activate plug-ins for no do follow on comments section.

If you do above work, you will be blacklisted by search engines.